Aldani (Lobster Men)

In the murky depths of the great rivers of Chult the Olung, the Tath, and the Soshenstar the Aldani hold court. They appear as man-sized lobsters, though only those who travel to the bottom of the Olung will ever see them, since the Aldani rarely leave the water; they swim like lobsters, but walk upright on two manlike legs. Their faces vaguely resemble men encased in armor, though their eyes extend upon long stalks.

The Aldani live in smaller groups of 1-20, although larger settlements are not unheard of, but within a very specific areas of the river. They patrol their borders jealously, and are very protective of their clutches. Despite their warlike appearance, the Aldani are highly intelligent and quite civilized. They settle disputes with courtly tournaments whenever possible, but when battles occur, they are often to the death.


Much conflict has centered around fishing rights within the rivers between the Aldani and the Tabaxi. For most of Chult’s history the two peoples have lived in relative peace until the barae Maniu expanded out the river south of Mezro which in tow destroyed many large clutches of Aldani spawn. The Aldani mobilized their forces and waged war against the Tabaxi and Mezro itself and were crushed by the combined might of the barae and Tabaxi. The subsequent result spelled out an almost eradication for the Aldani people. What remains of the Aldani and their past is left only to the river bottom and their begrudging promise to never interfere with the affairs of mezro again.


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